Having an HR information system means giving a whole new dimension to your human resources management. Such a tool makes it possible to efficiently manage expenses, absences, follow-up of medical check-ups, payroll extractions, etc.

Direction RH innovates and provides VSEs/SMEs with a digital solution. Thanks to this solution, you improve your efficiency, secure your procedures and improve your internal communication.

Accessible only with Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.

A powerful tool

Direction RH recommends the use of SILAE to optimize your human resources management

Simplified management

Access to payroll and HR data for the company, and its designated employees, from any location with an Internet connection: Expense management - Management of absences and schedules - Electronic document management - Extractions from the payroll software, entry of variables and transfer of information - Consultation of all HR modules

Secure space

Our data is stored on a site in France that is totally secure and not accessible by a third party.