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As an SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) or association leader, you know that your human resources are your greatest strength. Preserving and developing skills and motivation are essential to the sustainable success of your structure. But personnel management is a profession, or even professions, in its own right. It takes time and involves mastering complex and evolving regulations.


You are the head of a small or medium-sized company.


You are a manager, CFO or HRD of a large SME.


You are a lawyer, an accountant or a consultant.


You are the President, CEO or Director of an association.

The advantages of outsourcing human resources


in partnership with Direction RH

Direction RH provides you with the expertise and performance of a human resources department worthy of the largest companies. We offer you nearly thirty years of experience in large organizations, SMEs and associations, particularly in the field of consulting, and we enable you to access to one of the most powerful HR management software packages on the market.

  • The provision of multidisciplinary skills

External assistance allows you to implement best practices and bring a rich external perspective to your processes.
It also gives you access to skills that are difficult to recruit internally in a job market where talent is scarce.

  • Cost reduction

HR outsourcing offers access to key competencies at a much lower cost than hiring a full HR department internally.
The efficiency of the interventions due to the competence of our consultants, the use of tools, and an optimized organization makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs.

  • Risk reduction

HR outsourcing provides access to skills whose expertise reduces the risks (social litigations, adjustments, accidents, etc.) that weigh on the shoulders of managers.
It is also a way to reduce the risks linked to bad recruitments in the company’s HR department.

  • Regulation of the workload

HR outsourcing allows to compensate for the lack of internal resources and competences, especially in case of occasional or seasonal work overload.
This is particularly true in the case of an employee’s absence for an exceptional reason (illness, maternity, long-term training, etc.).
Companies also often use HR outsourcing to perform non-daily tasks that would otherwise require in-house teams to spend time training or learning about very specific topics.

  • The provision of tools

Direction RH provides companies and associations with tools (interview forms, HR information system, automated spreadsheets, etc.) to improve the efficiency, security and productivity of their processes.

  • Operational flexibility

HR outsourcing services can be expanded or reduced at any time, depending on the company’s needs.
We constantly adapt our service to the wishes of our clients.

  • Proximity

The HR management team is on a human scale, so the service is very personalized. Our staff is constantly seeking to adapt and take into account the specific needs of each client.
We consider that we are part of the entities that we support.