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Be clear about your obligations

Managing your staff requires a great knowledge of the law, your collective agreement, the application of case law decisions, as well as a keen sense of negotiation to ensure relations with your social partners. When legal issues arise, it is sometimes difficult to get quick answers to your questions.

Direction RH supports you in all aspects of personnel management. We provide you with the legal information you need and answer your questions. We help you to fulfill your social commitments and to better manage your relations with staff representatives.

We can help you in the following areas in particular:
Regulatory monitoring and a hotline (answer to questions)
The establishment or control of statements, registers and mandatory displays
Assistance with formalities related to the arrival or departure of staff
Creating and updating organizational charts
Implementation of procedures for the election of staff representatives
Follow-up of meetings with social partners
A social audit adapted to the needs of the company

Did you know ?

Our teams have nearly 30 years of experience in the majority of collective agreements, particularly in very complex sectors.