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Tailor-made HR outsourcing through multidisciplinary HR support to solve your complex problems

Tailor-made HR outsourcing, through multidisciplinary HR support, allows you to resolve specific issues that require the assistance of specialists in the field of payroll, labor regulations, human resources management and/or computer files.

It is a way to find the necessary skills without jeopardizing the internal functioning of your services.

Direction RH provides you with a multidisciplinary HR team, adapted to the specific needs of your company and which makes it possible to strongly reinforce the action of your employees. Our intervention can sometimes solve major problems under particularly efficient conditions of time, cost, competence and security.

Our HR outsourcing is carried out with our own stakeholders, our clients’ teams, and most often with the assistance of their other usual advisors.

The HR outsourcing offer from Direction RH is quite specific, we do not know of any direct competition in our truly multidisciplinary HR offer for SMEs. All of your company’s HR needs can be handled by Direction RH, except for areas covered by a regulated profession.

We can help you in the following areas in particular:
The precise definition of the problem
The implementation of a mutual organization with the company to resolve the request
The assignment of competent persons for the mission
Accountability specifies when the mission is carried out.

Did you know ?

Only Direction RH is able to solve complex multidisciplinary problems so quickly and at a competitive cost.