Our ambition

Over the course of my experiences, particularly within business consulting firms, I have acquired a strong conviction: the resources of a company are first and foremost human. Improving your “human capital” means guaranteeing its profitability and sustainability.

Direction RH was born from the desire to offer SMEs an innovative solution for the management of their human resources. My ambition is to provide you with a service that is both global and personalized, to meet your specific needs with the best possible performance.

Because human resources cover different professions, I have brought together a multidisciplinary team, thus providing you with all the expertise related to staff management. In addition to a proven track record in their respective fields, these employees are characterized by high relationship skills, which facilitates their integration within your structure.

I offer you a flexible and transparent partnership. You will have a single point of contact, responsible for his/her decisions and able to implement rapid action plans.
Our results are measured, your budget controlled.

Marie-Pierre BAÏNACHI-MILLER - Présidente CONTACT ME
Dynamic view

A dynamic and innovative vision of human resources, with the use of the most efficient technologies to date.

Personalized approach

A personalized approach, with the implementation of services corresponding to your specific needs.

performance oriented

A constant search for performance, with the measure of your efficiency, and ours!

Security Guarantee

A guarantee of security, with the permanent updating of knowledge and the securing of data.

Cost optimization

A requirement for cost optimization, with the reduction of wasted time and the precise sizing of our interventions.


Owner of a VSE or an SME, you are no longer alone in managing your HR, with Direction RH you will be able to save time, limit risks, reduce worries and advance your business.


Manager of a HR department of a large SME, no longer be alone in managing your problems. We can save you time, limit risks and solve your specific problems.


You are a lawyer, chartered accountant, consultant and you do not want to intervene in all areas of HR management. Save time, limit risks and provide a complementary service to your customers.


President or General Manager of an association, you are no longer alone in managing your HR problems. We can save you time, reduce risk and reduce your worries.