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Improve your relationship with your employees by managing interviews

Do not neglect the management of individual interviews

Individual interviews are key moments in the life of a company. They make it possible to know the expectations of employees, to assess performance, to decide a salary or career progression, to set targets, etc. To be effective, they must be formalized and rigorously monitored.

Whatever the nature of the individual interview (annual individual interview, professional interview, etc.), certain legal rules must be respected which may engage the responsibility of the managers of the VSE, SME or association.

A well-conducted individual interview allows the employee to progress, to improve his/her agreement to the values ​​and objectives of the company in a rapidly changing environment.

It is an essential tool to meet the challenges of the company.

Direction RH helps you to organize the management of individual interviews, as well as specific interviews corresponding to certain situations (at the end of a first year on a permanent contract, after certification, before a change of function or job, etc.). We implement monitoring and efficiency measurement tools to be as efficient as possible and to meet legal obligations.

We can help you in the following areas in particular:
Training managers in conducting interviews
Consolidation of interviews reports
Creation of dashboards and statistical tools
Compliance with the law

Did you know ?

Managing individual interviews well allows your team to progress more quickly.